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I'm so glad I attended Brandy's workshop. She really is remarkably compassionate, understanding, and non-judgemental. She is so easy to talk to, and she really listens and makes very insightful connections. The workshop was so positive and encouraging, and I didn't feel like it was "work" at all. Just in one session, she helped me make some amazing discoveries about sharing in a relationship, and the way I view myself and how I can proceed in the future, beyond the workshop, to be gentler on myself. To understand and appreciate myself more. And best of all, I learned that in a relationship, I deserve more than what I thought I did. Brandy's a great coach. She really wants to make sure I do well going forward; she really cares.
-Sarah, Toronto

"There are not enough words to express how helpful Brandy was to me. She listened, and did not judge. She made it easy to talk her and gave me the tools and insights to help me achieve my personal and career goals. There were many times I came to her feeling like I had the world on my shoulders, and when I left I always felt a sense of relief and hope. Today I am in a much happier and stronger state, and Brandy is one of those people that help me get here. Thank you Brandy!"
- Rachel M, Toronto

It almost seemed that Brandy's Breakup-Breakthrough program just fell into
my lap, on purpose, within a couple of weeks after my breakup. I recently
completed the program and am already in a new, loving, fulfilling
relationship with a man. It wasn't until I first spoke to her that I knew
she was the right coach for me. Her skillful listening, compassion, and
determination to get me through each session was more than what I had ever
expected to experience during this program. I became comfortable with her
from the moment I spoke to her. She almost instinctively knew what I was
going through, as if she had known me for years. Not only did she bring her
level of understanding to each session, but a level of honesty and
motivation to help me look into the future and to help me see what was
possible for me in my life, my career, and my relationships. She believed in
me when I thought I didn't have legs to stand on. She taught me how to see
things from a different perspective. I always left each session a little
more enlightened and with the courage to look beyond my own limitations.
There is no doubt in my mind the powerful effect Brandy's coaching had on my
life. I am grateful everyday for what she has given me-which is hope, love,
peace, and courage to be the woman I always knew was inside me.
Tanya, Toronto

Whether we want them to or not, breakups can really put a dent (or
large hole!) in our sense of self - both in terms of who we are and
our self worth. Brandy's program offers specific tools that allow you
to build yourself up again. She will work with you to heal your heart,
help you feel great about your amazing self, and reconnect with your
own goals and life focus. Brandy is an excellent coach and support,
always there for you with her superb balance of directness, kindness
and humour. I highly recommend connecting with her for
your breakup breakthrough.
-Laura from Toronto

I would like to testify how my life has changed for the better with the help of
Brandy Sommer Wood and as a result of her Breakup Breakthrough Program.
After separating from an 11 year relationship and going through stress-related depression, Brandy's coaching has helped me regain my strength and define a clear vision of the life I want to live. I was able to keep a clear focus on looking towards what the future has in store for me without letting the past get in my way and having any connection with my ex. I have come to realize the positive opportunities I have yet to experience which otherwise I would have been held back from if I had not separated and continued in an unhealthy relationship.
I am thrilled to report I am now in a very healthy and happy relationship of 8 months with a wonderful man who is my perfect match. Together we share the joy of everything I have always wanted in a soulmate.
Thank You Brandy Sommer Wood!
Caryn Siu
Montreal, Quebec

"The workshop assisted me in many ways. Whether your breakup is difficult, devastating or even brilliantly liberating, it's important to connect with others going through the same emotional journey. In a comfortable no pressure environment, Brandy teaches tools and mechanisms, with illustrative examples, and creates opportunities for participants to gain further insight into what is essentially a transformative experience. I highly recommend her workshop."

Brandy is a gifted coach; empathetic, courteous, positive and insightful. She is very passionate and dedicated about coaching, which I felt when I talked to  her. She is a good listener and knows how to communicate very well. She was and is still always there for me, supporting me and offering realistic feedback. She cheered me on about small or large accomplishments, and told me to always believe in myself. She helped me understand that you have to break problems into little bits, so as not to be overwhelmed. She also told me to break my goals into smaller chunks, so they can be more easily achievable. Most important of all, she understood that I have high standards for myself and the things I expect in life and want to achieve, and she encouraged me realistically to live my dreams.

-Sandra -  Israel

I would consider myself a very difficult client. I’m not an open person, am very critical of myself and don’t like to be told what to do. I have always believed that I’m the only one that really knows what’s best for me. Brandy allowed me to be who I am while at the same time opening me up to see other possibilities of looking at my life situation. The sessions we had were more like conversations that lead me to appreciate my skills, talents and accomplishments instead of focusing on problems, missed opportunities or challenges. I felt truly supported and heard. I was going through a low point in my life and wanted to quit many times. But Brandy encouraged me to be patient with myself and made sure that I was always pointed in the positive direction even if I wasn’t comfortable taking any steps. I am very grateful for the balance she maintained because there were times when I needed a coach to hold me accountable and there were times when I needed someone to talk me through my dark moments. Brandy always managed to help me to take responsibility for where I was in my life and it really helped me shift from being the victim to empowering myself. She is so warm, honest, and sincere yet straightforward and direct. And I believe that makes for a powerful and effective coach. I am in a very exciting place in my life now and I am forever grateful.
- Angela Fernandez, California

Brandy is a exceptional coach -- creative, talented and perceptive.  Some of her greatest strengths as a coach are her ability to respond in the moment, her flexibility in dealing with different moods, and her facility for discovering the important issues in each session.  To give one example, responding to a situation I’ d referred to in a session and the fact that I later felt pain, she led an impromptu role-play with me.  She was able to reach right through the emotions to a visceral level and relieve deep tension.  For me, who has a body that takes in stress so easily and has trouble releasing it, that was a phenomenal experience!

Brandy discovers novel approaches to challenges, has a positive, supportive attitude and comes up with great, insightful questions. In my coaching experience with her, it amazed me how immediately the questions she asked allowed me to see things from different angles, to realize where I was in my thought processes and where I wanted to be.

Coaching with Brandy helped me gain clarity and courage.  I value the celebrations we shared, the work we did with breath, music and imagery and the encouragement toward self-care.  She gave me many practical tools to integrate into my daily life. 

I’d recommend coach Brandy to anyone who wants to enter into powerful self-discovery and gain clarity and strength for their lives.  The process will amaze you!
- Colleen, Toronto

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